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Revisional surgeries help reduce complications or further the benefits of an earlier surgical procedure. While the notion of more surgery may seem daunting, it may be your best option for lasting comfort and healing if symptoms persist. Alicia Knee, DPM, provides a variety of effective options for people in San Francisco. Call the offices at Alicia Knee, DPM, for an appointment or consultation.

Revision Surgery Q & A

What are revisional surgeries?

Surgeries are not always fully successful the first time around. Revisional surgeries aim to address any lingering symptoms or complications, while potentially preventing additional complications down the road. Additional procedures may also help if your initial condition or symptoms return over time.

When is revisional bunion surgery needed?

Problems following bunion surgery occur for a variety of reasons, from poor aftercare to surgical errors or poor luck. If you’ve had a bunionectomy yet the continue to have the same severity of symptoms, or the procedure didn’t fully resolve your foot problems, you may benefit from a revisional surgery. Additional surgery may also help if a bunion has returned or you’re now experiencing structural problems, increased pain, or severe stiffness in your big toe. Understanding what caused the seemingly poor outcome is the first step in a corrective plan, whether or not additional surgery is needed. Dr. Knee helps determine the best course of action.

When is revisional fusion surgery needed?

Fusion surgeries, which join 2 or more bones together, can be especially helpful in addressing damage caused by arthritis, ankle instability, infections, neuromuscular disorders like Charcot foot, and various deformities. While the surgeries hold a high success rate of 80-100%, deterioration can happen over time. If you continue to experience symptoms after recovering from your surgery, develop complications such as increased instability or limited motion, or find that your initial symptoms return over time, you may benefit from a revisional procedure.

What should I do if I suspect a need for revisional surgery?

If you or a loved one are experiencing pain, swelling, motion problems, instability, or other symptoms that seem related to a surgery, see Dr. Knee. She helps assess the need for additional treatment and whether more surgery may be needed through a physical exam, analysis of your symptoms and health history, and diagnostic tests such as X-rays. In some cases, less invasive treatments suffice. In others, additional problems need to be addressed. Regardless, seeking guidance and any needed care early on can help ensure a positive outcome.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

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